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Join us as we go Beyond the Fandom!

What is this?

Join us on our journey as we discuss pop culture, fantasy, and the digital world of entertainment. Join us and go Beyond The Fandom!

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Who are we?

6 friends who get together and talk about the news and notes that go above and Beyond the Fandom! Jt, Dhiren, Dom, Christian, Josh and Hunter are all hosts on this podcast and have a  passion for these nerdy things!

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Stealth Hammer #2

After a few months of waiting, I finally was able to read "Stealth Hammer #2" written by Ryan Drost and I am so excited to be able to...

Sidekick For Hire #3

Kristian Herrera and his crew from issue #2 are back with "Sidekick For Hire #3"! If you haven't read issues #1 and #2, my reviews of...

Sidekick For Hire #2

Back with another review of Kristian Herrera's "Sidekick For Hire" run with issue #2! In this issue we have a few changes to the crew who...

Sidekick For Hire #1

Before we get into this review I'd like to thank the writer of "Sidekick For Hire", Kristian Herrera for allowing me to review his book!...

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