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Join us as we go Beyond the Fandom!

What is this?

Join us on our journey as we discuss pop culture, fantasy, and the digital world of entertainment. Join us and go Beyond The Fandom!

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Introducing the Hosts

Who are we?

6 friends who get together and talk about the news and notes that go above and Beyond the Fandom! Jt, Dhiren, Dom, Christian, Josh and Hunter are all hosts on this podcast and have a  passion for these nerdy things!

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Guardians of the Freaking Galaxy.

SPOILER WARNING! In 2014, a group called the Guardians of the Galaxy hit our homes and our hearts. Fast forward to 2023, almost 10 years...

The Worst Boss Ever. A Renfield Review!

SPOILER WARNING! Have you ever had a boss that you thought was the absolute worst? After watching "Renfield" you might reconsider your...

The Batman Review

Spoiler Free Review In what has been deemed one of the most highly anticipated films in 2022, "The Batman" has finally arrived! I was...

Eternals Review

Spoiler Free Review It's been a few days so might as well get into this Eternals review! It will be spoiler free just in case no one has...

Spider-Man (2002) Review.

Spider-Man (2002) Reviewed by Carlos G. (Spoiler Review) This review is written by Carlos Garcia. Carlos was born in Central California,...

Don't Have A Good Day, Have A Great Day!

Spoiler Free Review of Free Guy! Have you ever played a video game where you really want to be a character in that game? For instance, I...

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