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All Aboard the Crazy Train! ‘Bullet Train’ Review (Spoilers)

The title encapsulates my experience with this film! From the first trailer, which was colorful and filled with neon aesthetics, to the incredible cast, that starred big names like Brad Pitt (Fight Club), Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta), and Hiroyuki Sanada (The Last Samurai) to name a few, Bullet Train was a must watch for me this year!

The movie released August 5th so I will be going over spoilers, you have been warned! Right of the bat, let’s go over the amazing cast and crew:

  • Director - David Leitch

  • Ladybug - Brad Pitt

  • Prince - Joey King

  • Tangerine - Aaron Taylor-Johnson

  • Lemon - Brian Tyree Henry

  • Kimura - Andrew Koji

  • The Elder - Hiroyuki Sanada

  • Maria - Sandra Bullock

  • White Death - Michael Shannon

  • The Hornet - Zazie Beetz

  • Wolf - Bad Bunny

And even a cameo from Karen Fukuhara (The Boys) as the Concession Girl!

That all-star cast will get anyone interested but did they pull it off? YES! The acting and dialogue was quick witted and even hilarious at times. Ladybug (Pitt) was a very likable character with a strange case of bad luck, or good luck depending on how you look at it. Lemon (Tyree Henry) and Tangerine (Taylor-Johnson) had the best chemistry, and I was actually a little upset when Tangerine died towards the end of the second act. If there was a miniseries or a prequel movie that focused on the adventures of Tangerine and Lemon before the events of ‘Bullet Train,’ I would be a day one watcher. Everyone gave exceptional performances and the one that surprised me the most was the short lived but entertaining role of Wolf (Bad Bunny). He was a bit exaggerated in the film, but I’m interested in what future projects he will be a part of. *cough* El Muerto *cough* Moving on, this movie was a blast and it seemed like one of those stories where the ending was written first then they went backwards to the beginning while telling it to the audience in a nonlinear fashion. Not the first to do it of course, but a solid attempt at it nonetheless. As a plus we get to see The Elder (Sanada) slice some bad guys up with a katana so that's always fun!

Go tell your friends to watch Bullet Train becasue it’s a fun popcorn flick that is stylistic and flashy as it is crazy and wild. I rate it a solid 7.5/10!

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