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Don't Have A Good Day, Have A Great Day!

Spoiler Free Review of Free Guy!

Have you ever played a video game where you really want to be a character in that game? For instance, I love Marvel's Avengers and I always think to myself "Wow, how cool would that be if I were in this game!" Let me introduce you to Free Guy, a movie that puts you inside a video game but not as a main character. Before we get into the review part of this movie, my first plus is the cast. Here is the list of actors and actresses and their character in the movie: Ryan Reynolds as Guy, Jodie Comer as Molotov Girl or Millie, Joe Keery as Keys, Taika Waititi as Antwan, Lil Rel Howery as Buddy and Utkarsh Ambudkar as Mouser and oh yeah, Channing Tatum as a video game skin. Those names I just typed out were just the main characters in the movie and the names that I'm about to type are people who casually dropped in for a few moments and if you're a fan of YouTube, Twitch or gamers in general, then get ready because here is the list: Pokimane, Jacksepitceye, DanTDM, LazarBeam and even Ninja. Crazy right, well guess what, that's not all! Chris Evans and the late Alex Trebek also make cameos in this movie. Alright I think I'm done with all the nam...wait, nope Tina Fey, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, John Krasinski and HUGH JACKMAN (if you know, you know) all voiced characters in this film and yeah, it's a crazy amount of big name people. The cast is just one of many plus's that I have for this film. Another is the graphics and CGI. When a movie is about you following a character in a video game world, I would definitely hope they put a lot of effort into making it look as great as it sounds! When you take a step back and look at this movie as a whole, you really are following the people inside the video game named Free City and the people in the real world and personally I really enjoyed that back and forth dialogue. Moments when Guy who is a NPC (non-playable character) interacts with Millie who is a gamer and her avatar is Molotov Girl in the game are great and really make you laugh and smile. I will say that the pacing in this movie was good and really had its moments where they explained things in a quick but understandable manner that helped when I started to get confused. I think an issue that I had with the movie was that at times it felt like the film didn't really have a plot and it was just kind of ending up as a Ryan Reynolds comedy special (which I would love to see an actual special like that). Another great part of this movie is all the action it has. I mean, it's a movie about a guy who is in a video game world...yeah, there will be some crazy action in it. From crazy car chases to fight scenes to even accidental action, all of it was fantastic and it absolutely made me feel like I was in an actual video game!

The movie was great. I love that Antwan is this villainous but goofy guy that just wants to be a star and the only way he knows how is by stealing something from Keys and Millie. Guy is also one of my favorite characters in, I take that back because it's definitely Dude. The best way I can describe Dude is imagine Ryan Reynolds face on a very muscular man but has the IQ of an Ostrich. He actually reminded me of King Shark from The Suicide Squad. Anyway, Guy is such a cool dude who just want to be more. I can honestly feel for him and at times, I have left the same way in a sense that I want to try something new and disrupt my everyday routine. My question to you all is this; What would your reaction be if you hopped into your favorite video game and all the NPC's have either stopped doing what they normally do or they began to play like you?

Overall Free Guy is a great movie. You might be hesitant and not want to see it and I understand that. This movie was hit with a few delays, but honestly it's a great film. From the actors to the plot and even the action, it all was great. Free Guy gets a 8/10!

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