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Getting into the Christmas Spirit with Spirited.

It's that time of year where snow falls from the sky, kids become extra nice and family and friends all gather together. That time would be called Christmas and something else that comes with Christmas are the movies! Classic movies and new ones make the holiday season special and this year Apple TV gave us another great movie called Spirited! Let's review!

Like I always do, let's look at the cast of this musical/comedy movie:

  • Will Ferrell- Present

  • Ryan Reynolds- Clint Briggs

  • Octavia Spencer- Kimberly

  • Sunita Mani- Past

  • Tracy Morgan- Yet-To-Come (voice)

  • Loren G. Woods- Yet-To-Come

  • Patrick Page- Marley

This Christmas comedy/musical film was one that wasn't advertised much unless you used social media then you would've seen Apple Tv's account tweet all about it. This movie, in my opinion was such a treat for this holiday season. Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are two incredible actors on their own but when they share the screen they are fantastic! Without going into spoilers, the entire premise of this movie is that there are people out there who can change and it doesn't matter how terrible they may act, deep down people can change! The story is similar to 'A Christmas Carol' but with a more modern theme to it.

The cast and crew did a great job in this film. Like I mentioned, this is technically a musical that has comedy in it so all of the actors, singers and dancers really make you feel like you're watching a musical. Speaking of music, the soundtrack for this film is outstanding! Each song has a meaning and impacts the movie. Will and Ryan also surprise me at this vocal performances with solos and duo performances within the film.

I think this movie was impactful and has a great point to it. Like I mentioned above, 'Spirited' shows you that anyone can change and I personally love that message because I have that same thought. No matter who you are, what you've done or what you've said then you can change and become better or even a different person!

I will say, as much as I love this movie and will definitely be watching over and over again when Christmas comes around each year, I do feel like this movie won't be for everyone. Comedy is subjective and Ferrell/Reynolds are two of my favorite comedy actors so I already knew I would enjoy it. However, I can see where people find their work forced or cringy and some of the jokes and one liners can seem that way in this film. The other part that will throw people off is the music. Remember, Spirited is a comedy musical so the songs will have jokes, random interruptions and will stop at random times, so if you don't like comedy music then this won't be for you.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds are spectacular with their comedy songs and performance in 'Spirited'. I highly recommend this movie and I know this will be one I watch every holiday season!

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