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Guardians of the Galaxy Video Game Review!

I have been waiting a long time (since GOTG debuted in the MCU) for someone to develop a game where I can play as some of my favorite characters like Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax and of course Groot! In the year 2021, Square Enix published and Eidos-Montreal developed "Guardians of the Galaxy" for all platforms! Let's review!

This game has been one that was on my highly anticipated list ever since its announcement back at E3 2021. I will admit that I am not a huge gamer or someone who goes home and hops on my Xbox and just plays for hours, but this game made me do that! I really wanted to play this game but in a different way, a way that I have never done before and that was only play when I streamed on our Twitch channel. Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday I would get on stream and play "Guardians of the Galaxy" until I beat the game and it was a blast! Let me start off by saying what I really enjoyed about this game.

First off I think this game nails it right on the head by only allowing you, the gamer, to play only as Star-Lord but able to use the other Guardians in attacks and specials. It really takes away from the "who should be the strongest Guardian and who should I level up faster" dynamic that other games have and it really works with this game. Another plus in my book is the characters that we get to interact with and see in this game. Obviously you have the Guardians but there are so many other great Marvel characters that are in this game that honestly, I don't want to spoil it for you! Ok ok, I'll say that I have two favorites, one I will say and the other I won't. Lipless is just...the best and the other...OH BOY! But seriously, these characters really made the game and I was happy to see them in the game! Wait, I totally forgot to mention that the banter with these characters is truly phenomenal and I was cracking up during stream! Another great detail is that the action is actually really fun and a different feel from other Marvel games. The fact that I was able to only use Star-Lord but could tell Rocket to throw a bomb at a group of enemies was awesome! The number of combinations you could do is endless but wait till you gain the ability to use that group special attack, it's awesome! Really though, once you gain this ability, you have this huddle and Star-Lord is trying to rally the team to beat the foes and if you pick the right answer, the entire team gets a health boost and a timed special attack that you can choose! However, if the team doesn't like the rally, only Star-Lord will get the boosts so it's really a win-win! The last thing I'll talk about is the ability to pick how to story goes. yes, ultimately the game ends the same way, but you as the gamer have options throughout the game to choose a variety of answers, paths and even sides to be on. It truly is a unique addition to the game because now, I can go back and play the game and pick different choices to see how the story plays out! I even had some people in my chat saying that they chose a different option and they were excited to see how it played out on my end, how cool!

With all great things, there is always a downside or something bad about it and now I will talk about things that I thought were meh at best. First off, I really don't think this game has anything "bad" about it and these things I am about to discuss are totally understandable and that's ok! Let's start with the music and how if you ever want to stream the game, you must put on "Streamer Mode" due to copyright issues. What do I mean by that, well as we all know GOTG was well known for Star-Lords fantastic choice in music and they wanted to implement that in the game by having some great songs from famous bands in the game. Unfortunately, when you have "Streamer Mode" on, the music is muted and all you hear is silence with some talking and some random music that was added in. I totally get why they had to do this and I don't knock off points for them taking the music out, but I will say the silence in some scenes were loud and awkward. I would've maybe added some instrumental music or elevator music to balance things out. I'm no legal expert so I have no clue how that stuff work, so who am I to judge? Next up would be some of the fighting styles became a bit repetitive. Using Star-Lord was awesome and I thought he had some awesome moves, but as much action there is in this game, It would be the same thing over and over. Like I mentioned earlier, I am no gamer and so therefore I probably was just button smashing and that got old to me. I'm sure there are combos and moves that I have no idea about, but to me and my non-gamer self, it felt a little repetitive. Lastly, the game overall was a little short and some of the "chapters" left rushed. I streamed this game three times a week and yes, it may sound like it took awhile but each stream was maybe an hour or two and I felt like in each stream I would go by rapidly through the level or map. I will be honest here, I didn't go looking for little Easter eggs and try to find the secret skins you can unlock so that might be a reason, but overall the game the game is about 15-20 hours to beat.

Overall, I think this game was amazing and you bet I'll be playing it again to get those secret skins and explore the maps a little more! I will also jam out to the great music that is in the game because now that I have streamed it, there is no need to do it again! I really think this game has the potential to be game of the year when it's all said and done! I hope this review of mind has made you want to play the game and enjoy it as much as I did! "Guardians of the Galaxy" gets a 9/10 from me!

P.S.- Our Twitch channel is :)

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