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Halo Ep.1 "Contact" Review

If you would've told 17 year old me that one day we would have a live action "Halo" series, I probably would've laughed and called you a liar. Well, we finally have that exact series as "Halo" comes to Paramount+ as a TV series. This is only the first season that has nine episodes in it, and after watching the first episode I am hooked! Let's review!

One thing that I loved about watching the first episode is that even though I did play the video games when I was younger and I know the characters, this show does a great job at helping the newer audience understand what we are seeing on screen. Seeing Master Chief, Silver Team, The Covenant and other characters in live action really made me grin from ear to ear and gave me those nostalgic feels from back in the day and I hop it does that to all of the other "Halo" fans out there! The story being told is interesting so far and with episode one in the books, I feel as if the sky is the limit for the studio to make multiple seasons. I am curious as how closely related they will get to the video game or if they will just have a backstory of the characters and then tell a different story to what we already know. The action that takes place in this episode was really good and looked good as well which surprised me because I honestly wasn't expecting much. Which brings me to my main reasoning for really enjoying this show and that is my expectations were as low as low could be. I really haven't watched much of Paramount+ but I did end of getting the $4.99 subscription just to watch this show. The excitement was real but the expectations were low.

Overall, "Halo" really surprised me and episode one "Contact" was a great introduction for new fans and will hit the older fans in the feels! Episode one "Contact" gets a 4/5 from me!

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