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Hawkeye Ep. 1 & 2 Review

Spoiler Free Review

After waiting years for something Hawkeye, we finally have something and that is in the form of a Disney+ show titled "Hawkeye". On November 24th, Disney+ released the first two episodes of this six episode season and I am here to give you all my review on them and don't worry, no spoilers will be added! But before we start, let me introduce the cast:

  • Clint Barton/ Hawkeye- Jeremy Renner

  • Hailee Steinfeld- Kate Bishop

  • Vera Farmiga- Elanor Bisop

  • Tony Dalton- Jack Duquesne

  • Linda Cardellni- Laura Barton

  • Alaqua Cox- Maya Lopez

And there could be more as the season continues so I will update you when I do a review on that episode!

Also, huge shoutout to Matt Fraction and David Aja simply because this show is loosely based on their comic run and if you haven't read it, well I highly suggest it! Finally, lets review!

Episode 1- "Never Meet Your Heroes"

Personally I loved this opening scene and loved how they could show you with just a small glimpse how Kate became a Hawkeye fan. With this scene and the one from "WandaVision" where Monica gets snapped back, we are finally seeing the world from other perspectives and it's awesome! Then of course the opening credit scene was just fantastic with the comic book vibes and artwork, I smiled the entire way. I really didn't realize it until I got it, but I really needed to step away from the cosmic and mystic side of Marvel and focus on the street level side of it because if you haven't noticed, Hawkeye doesn't have superpowers and is really good with a bow and arrow so street level crime is kind of in his range. Of course the star of the show and the one who everyone is talking about is Lucky the Pizza Dog...kidding (kind of) but no, its Kate Bishop! I absolutely love Kate and I think she will become a huge cornerstone in the MCU moving forward! The partnership with Clint and Kate is great and I cannot wait to see what this season hold for them! Episode one is a great kickoff to what I think will be high on people's MCU list! Overall, Ep. 1 "Never Meet Your Heroes" gets a 4.5/5 from me!

Episode 2- "Hide and Seek"

I really did like how Marvel dropped these two episodes back to back because I was immediately hooked after the first episode and the second one only hooked me more! This episode really had it all from action to reveals and even a cliffhanger! I was surprised at how good both these episodes were and how well each of them dove into personal issues and like I mentioned the street level crime is a great change of scenery. I will say that if you have read the Aja/Fraction comic run then you know that the Tracksuit Mafia is a big thing with Clint and Kate so with them being in this show, it's great...bro. I also really enjoyed a certain scene in a park because honestly, we've all secretly wanted to do that and this show made it look fun! Overall, I think this episode was great and continued the story in a way that has me hyped! Ep. 2 "Hide and Seek" gets a 5/5 from me!

P.S.- We now have to go back to waiting a week to see each episode so get your theories and popcorn ready, because this one will be entertaining!

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