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Hawkeye Ep.3 Review

Spoiler Free Review

The Disney+ series "Hawkeye" just keeps getting bigger and better and episode three shows that! After the premiere of the first two episodes last week, people all around were constantly talking about how great this series was and how excited they are for the rest of the episodes. Well, I'm here to discuss my thoughts on the latest episode titled "Echoes". Let's review!

Before we start, this is a spoiler free review so don't worry about me ruining this fantastic episode for you! Really we have to state the obvious by saying the title of this episode was just great and really fit, the first of many positives! I might've said this last week but if not then I will say that the relationship and banter between Kate and Clint is so good and it only gets better in this episode! Just knowing that Kate sees Clint as this role model type person and Clint wants nothing to do with the situation makes their conversations come alive. There are moments where you see them get along and work together which to me is just a hint at what we could see in the very near future! Episode three is by far my favorite only because it was the perfect pace of action, backstory, and emotional moments. We get to finally see Maya Lopez aka Echo in this episode (which we saw at the end of episode two) and I'm not gonna lie, I really like her character. Marvel does change up her backstory a bit and well..if you know, you know because oh my gosh!! The Tracksuit Mafia continue to be a great slapstick comedy backbone which is great. They aren't deemed as a serious threat like "Falcon and Winter Solider" tried to make the Flag-Smashers, but they aren't a throwaway joke like Ralph Bohner was in "WandaVision". I really have no complaints about this episode, but they do leave off on another cliffhanger which makes me want to watch episode 4 RIGHT NOW!!!

Overall, I think this show could potentially go down as a top MCU Disney+ show and it's off to a great start! Episode three gave us great backstory on characters, emotional moments and some great action sequences in between! Episode three titled "Echoes" gets a 5/5 from me!

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