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Hawkeye Ep. 4 Review

Spoiler Free Review

Boy oh boy isn't "Hawkeye" just great?! I really am having such a great time with this show and honestly I haven't been bored with it! Episode #3 was so dang good and my hope is that each episode can lie up to the previous one and episode #4 titled "Partners, Am I Right?" was so solid and had some awesome things in it! Without spoiling anything, lets review!

Before we start, I really need to give a huge shout out to Jeremey Renner for being such a great sport about all of this. I mean really, he is the one Avenger that is thrown off to the wayside but keeps at it and continues to deliver every...singe...time! Don't believe me, just go watch the latest episode and see how he can get emotional and still be an Avenger all in the same scene! Anyway, back to the episode, I am shocked but also not shocked at the same time by how great this show has been. I mean that because each episode has a great pace, great storytelling, great action and keeps the story going! Hawkeye is a very grounded show and I said this in one of my previous reviews but we really needed this in the MCU. We have been in space, time, and even the multiverse and even though that's all cool and what not, what about the street level crime and the black markets that go on because they are real and I'm glad they are being brought to lite in this show. This episode isn't my favorite but its definitely the second best simply because of the emotional side that we got in it and well, a reason I can't say but if you've seen the episode, you know. With only two episodes remaining and a ton of story left to be told, I really think this could end up getting a second season and I'm totally ok with that! Also, I think there needs to be a note that says whenever a Marvel Disney+ show releases its 4th episode, it's always a solid one!

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode because it was different but still gave us that "OMG" moment that we all were looking for. I think episode 3 is still my favorite of the four that are out, but #4 is still pretty great! Episode #4 titled "Partners, Am I Right?" gets a 4/5 from me!

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