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Hawkeye Ep.5 Review

Spoiler Free Review

I really think this series could possibly go down as one of the best Marvel Disney+ shows that we've seen so far. I know I know, that might be a hot take but once you read my review of episode 5 titled "Ronin", you might be on the hype train! Anyways, episode 4 ended with a great cliffhanger and now we get to see what many have said to be the biggest episode yet! Let's review!

Marvel really knows how to open of their shows and holy crap this opening was AMAZING! Without spoiling anything, this might be one of the best openings I have ever seen simply because it answers question that I now plenty of us had and it shows a side of a certain even that happened that we hadn't seen it! Going away from the opening. I really think these episodes just get better and better due to the scope of each character, the storylines that are going on and the reveals that we see! If you thought episode 4 left us on a huge cliffhanger, wait till you see this one because it had me screaming! I'm in this weird emotional place right now with how to feel after this episode because I know the finale is going to be fantastic but it's the finale...the end...the last episode of a fantastic show! I'm ready to see the culmination of this series but I will miss Kate, Clint and "others". Episode 5 was a joy to watch and I hope you feel the same when you watch it! My final thought on episode 5 is that this episode is filled with great dialogue, action and emotional scenes where you really feel for some of these characters, new and old.

Overall, it's no secret that "Hawkeye" has been entertaining and a delight for the past 4 weeks and like I said earlier, the episodes keep getting better and better! Episode 5 titled "Ronin" gets a 5/5 from me!

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