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Hawkeye Ep.6 Review

Spoiler Free Review

Well, we have finally arrived to the season finale of "Hawkeye" and overall I am very pleased with this show! I will be the first to admit that I was not really excited for this show at the beginning of the year, but here we are with days left until 2022 and "Hawkeye" is one of my favorite Disney+ projects that Marvel has put out there! I will say that this finale will divide some of the Marvel fans for many reasons, but I am here to tell you my thoughts on it so agree or disagree, I will respect your opinion! Let's review!

You read in the previous paragraph that Hawkeye became one of my favorite Disney+ shows that they released this year and that would be correct. However, I would be lying if I said that this show had the best finales out there. I think each episode in this series got better and better and it even made me do a binge re-watch with my fiancé the night before this finale! The pace of this episode was good and the action was amazing, but I felt something off with how the show went. I've said that Clint, Kate and Yelena really steal the show and that is true, but it almost feels like they rushed every storyline they had going to fit the 59 minute mark. Before you start thinking that I didn't like this episode, you are mistaken and I will give my overall grade at the end but I did feel a sense of rush while watching it. Without spoiling anything, we all should know by now that Echo aka Maya Lopez is getting her own show soon and I am hoping that some of these plots continue in her show. Something else that I am hoping for is a season two of "Hawkeye" because we definitely need it after the aftermath of episode 6. I have no problem with the way some things went in the episode because those scenes I have seen before while reading comics so I have a hope that they will continue the same or very similarly to the comics. I also think the cast and crew had a blast during this episode because it just felt like a fun thing to film. My last thoughts on this episode are this; I enjoyed the heck out of the season finale and I am so pleased with how this entire series captivated the world. Huge round of applause to the cast and crew who worked on this and had a hand in making "Hawkeye" one of my favorite MCU projects to date!

Overall, episode 6 titled "So This Is Christmas?" is a great finale to a fantastic show. I have my thoughts on how they went about it, but I still really enjoyed it and I hope we are getting a second season! "So This Is Christmas?" gets a 4.5/5 from me!

Lastly, as a whole, "Hawkeye" gets a 8/10 from me !

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