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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

by Dhiren Keshav

Updated September 5, 2021

Shang-Chi: and the Legend of the Ten Rings” was one of Marvel Studios greatest outputs in over five years. From the fighting, to the story, this film has everything going for it.

To start off with the bus scene and the scaffolding scene on the side of the building, they captured me with its fighting choreography. It was pleasing to see many similarities between Shang-Chi’s fighting styles to another prominent actor from the late 90’s. Later on, the scene where the pendants are placed on the dragon’s eyes, and bursts open with water flowing throughout the room that Shang-Chi, Xian, Katy, and Wenwu were standing in at his house was insane! The visual/special effects were so clean. I also loved how the comedy in the movie was comedy as it should be, not MCU’s version of comedy—which to me is very cringey. I could actually bare to hear the jokes in this, unlike ‘The Eternals’ trailer for instance, with the IKEA joke at the end of the trailer. Awkwafina was also very likable and tolerable in this movie, and I think she played her part well.

This film has not let me down.

Closer towards the end of the film, when the Soul Sucker was released from the dark gate, was when the movie really took a turn for me. The CG stood out to me the most it had ever done in this film. The scene when Shang-Chi and Xian were flying on The Great Protector as it was circling the Soul Sucker, whilst the cyclone did the same.

I don’t remember this 100%, but I do remember Shang-Chi jumping off The Great Protector, and basically skydived down towards the water. Meanwhile, the Ten Rings punctured the chest of the Soul Sucker, and Shang-Chi twisted his arms, as the rings did the same within the beast. The moment was silent, with only a Chinese instrument (Erhu or Pipa) playing in the back, while Shang-Chi was diving down, the beast slowly dying, the cyclone still twisting, The Great Protector still orbiting the cyclone and the Soul Sucker.

It was blissful. I literally cried, due to this scene so beautiful. that moment of silence with the strings coming in solitude really did a number on me. I don’t think I’ve seen such a beautiful moment in an MCU movie in a very long time, IF at all.

I was very impressed with this movie, and I would have to say it is in my top ten MCU films hands down. One of the best superhero introductory films ever.

This is what was put out on Twitter on Friday, the same day I saw the film:

“Shang-Chi was easily the BEST piece of art I have received from the MCU all year, hands down.”

- Story was brilliant

- Score was good

- Action was intense

- Jokes weren’t cringey

- Acting was great

- Visuals were insane

• 9/10

Thanks for making it this far and reading my rating and review. ;)

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