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Moon Knight Ep.5 Review

Spoiler Free Review

After I was able to view the first four episodes of Moon Knight in an early viewing, episode five is here and what an episode it was! Episode five is titled "Asylum" and it is 47min long. This episode was so good, I have seen it three times since it's release on April 27th 2022! Let's review!

I think it's safe to say that this show is my absolute favorite of any Marvel show that we have seen thus far. I said after seeing the first four episodes that fans will love this show and I was correct, but I did not see this much love and hype coming from it! Each episode feels different which is great because this is a new character that we are talking about and it needs to feel different and new. I think that the storytelling in this series has been phenomenal and the acting is just the best but all of that really gets shown in episode 5. This episode was an emotional rollercoaster and I am not ashamed to say that I did tear up while watching it! Marvel isn't big into their emotions, but when they are and they have fantastic acting to pair with the story then it nails it! Another reason why I believe that episode 5 is Marvel's best piece of work out right now is because of how well it is paced because there was no dragging moments, no lulls or pauses and honestly it was very attention grabbing with the story and the cinematography. If you want further proof of how great this episode was, out of all the Marvel live-action Disney+ shows that have been released, Moon Knight episode 5 was rated the highest on IMDb at a 9.2/10! Honestly, I recommend this entire show and definitely this episode to you!

Overall, episode 5 titled"Asylum" is a masterpiece that is loaded with emotions and fantastic acting. The highest rated episode that Marvel has put out is a deserving title and I cannot express how wonderful it is! This episode gets a 10/10 from me!

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