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Moon Knight Episode 1-4 Review!

Spoiler Free Review!

Before I get started in my review, I first need to say that I am feeling very blessed and fortunate to be able to see the first four episodes of "Moon Knight" before it releases on March 30th on Disney+. I have never done anything like this and to me feels like a huge accomplishment and milestone. I would like to thank everyone who is involved in the process of sending out the episodes and allowing me to be one of the lucky people to watch and review the show. With all that aside, Marvel will be launching its next Disney+ series soon and let me tell you, it will not disappoint! Let's review!

I think there should be moment where I thank the cast and crew for this show so I will give you there names and titles down below:

  • Justin Benson- Director

  • Mohamed Diab- Director

  • Aaron Moorhead- Director

  • Oscar Isaac- Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Moon Knight/Mr. Knight

  • Ethan Hawke- Author Harrow

  • May Calamawy- Layla El-Faouly

  • F. Murray Abraham- Voice of Khonshu

These wonderful directors and actors really put their all in this show and it makes for an outstanding one! I find myself liking each character as they are shown on screen and want to see more of them! Isaac is the lead, of course, but I think my favorite character is Calamawy's Layla just because she's such a bada** character and someone who is down to earth and has her eyes set on the mission in front of her. The villain of the show is Hawke's Author Harrow and he is the most mysterious and dark character in the show but you see what he is trying to do and you sometimes see his side of the story. The people who worked on making Khonshu look like royalty deserve a raise because he really looks great!

This show honestly gave me an action adventure feel but heavy emphasize on the adventure part. As much as I would've loved to see more action, we rarely see it and I am very ok with that! The story and character work is what makes these shows thrive and when you throw in that action, its makes for a great show!

If you know me, you know I LOVE connectivity within the MCU and I love seeing things tie in with one another, but this show doesn't really have that and again, I am ok with it! This feels more like an origin/history show in which we do need to have for future things. I do hope we see something down the line, but for right now, it is ok to keep it by itself.

The run time is really good with each episode being somewhere between 45-55 minuets long. I keep going back to the fact that we need to see the history and background of these characters and therefore the length is fine. I never got bored with an episode and I never had to take breaks which is a win in my book.

Finally, this show is pushing the mature rating. What do I mean by that and what is its actual rating you may be asking? Well, it has been floated around that it could be 14-16+ with language, violence and blood within each episode and that is pretty spot on! You can tell that Marvel Studious and Disney are inching closer and closer to a more mature audience with their live action stuff but still keeping it family friendly.

Overall, my expectations were really unknown because I had no idea what to think in this show, but this show does a great job at telling a story, making likeable characters and even pushing the boundaries just a tad. I will leave off with this and that is Episode 4 is my favorite! "Moon Knight" episodes 1-4 get a 8/10 combined score from me!

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