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Moon Knight Series Finale Review

Spoiler Free Review

The time has come and the series finale of what could potentially be people's favorite Marvel Disney+ show is here! "Moon Knight" has been such an amazing show with great character work and a relatively easy story to follow. Time flew by and I can't believe we are finally at the finale of this show, but we are here so lets review!

I stated earlier that this show might be some people's favorite show and if I am being honest, I am one of those people! This show has constantly been getting better and better and this is one that I am so happy that it's gotten high praise! The character Marc Spector is so unique and different that it feels like a breathe of fresh air! Marvel has never gone down this route before and I am totally ok with the vision! I think the acting in this entire show has been phenomenal with Oscar I., Ethan H. and May C. all playing pivotal roles in it. The action was top notch when we had it and the storyline was easy to follow but also had it's moments that made you think and open your eyes! One aspect of this show that I feel really completes it would have to be the emotional points. Episode 5 alone made me tear up and I am perfectly ok with that! This episode is a mixed bag of action, emotion, story driving and epic moments to really make the pace feel fine. My only issue is that I wish it could've been 10 more minuets longer, but I am totally ok with the 42 minuets we got. STAY FOR THE END CREDIT SCENE!! :)

Overall, I really really enjoyed this season/series finale and whatever comes next for Moon Knight should be something special! Episode 6 titled "Gods and Monsters" gets a 8/10 and the entire show gets a 9/10 from me!

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