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Morbius Review

Spoiler Free Review.

After many delays and constant reshoots, the latest Marvel film from Sony is now here and today we will be reviewing "Morbius". As I just mentioned, "Morbius" had been delayed several times, six to be exact, but finally on April 1st, 2022 the film dropped in theaters. The reaction was...not the greatest and I'll discuss that in my review, but I was able to see the film on premiere night (March 31st) with Madison. Also, these are MY OPINIONS and they should not make up your mind either way on if you like it or not. I am no movie critic or movie buff. My opinions are mine and I just want to share them with you! With that being said, let's review!

Before we start, let's look at the cast and crew who were apart of this film:

  • Jared Leto- Dr. Michael Morbius

  • Matt Smith- Milo

  • Adria Arjona- Martine Bancroft

  • Jared Harris- Dr. Emil Nicholas

  • Tyrese Gibson- Agent Simon Stroud

  • Al Madrigal- Agent Rodriquez

I guess we can start with the cast as the first talking point and honestly, only Leto and Smith did a great job. I enjoyed the story of Michael Morbius and Milo throughout the movie and they stuck out the most to me. However, I did find the other cast to be ok. At times I felt that some characters could've been cut from the film and it would be fine.

Next point we should talk about is the CGI. At times, the visuals looked great and really captured your attention, but on the flip side there were moments that were bad. Not all films will have perfect CGI and that fine, I think for me it was 60/40 on good to bad visuals but the 40% bad really stuck out. When Morbius was transforming into his vampire like self, that was great and looked great, but the final fight towards the end did not. Another scene that was so good was when Morbius was figuring out his powers, that looked really cool.

We should probably talk about the story because I feel like that was where my main thoughts come from. The story was good on paper and at some points and on the big screen it did hit at times. My main concern was that for me, I did not connect to the story like and therefore I was struggling with deciding if I liked it. You can tell that the entire story was fast paced with a bunch of rushed scenes but I do think that was because of delays and reshoots. When we saw the few trailers months to years ago, there were so many scenes that unfortunately cut and that honestly hurt it. The finale was the one part where I thought they should've spent more time on making a good finish, but it was very rushed and came to a quick halt.

The biggest issue for me was the end credit scenes. Now listen, I am someone who loves connectivity and I nerd out when things come together but when that connectivity is forced and makes no sense...that's where I draw the line. I will not be spoiling this for you, but it is all over social media and online so you can look it up if you'd like. There are two scenes and one made some sense but that last one was something else.

I do want to talk about the issue that wasn't in the movie and that is all these critics reviewing the movie and trashing it. Reviews have called it the worst Marvel movie and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 19% in their ratings but honestly, it's not THAT bad. If you enjoyed either "Venom" movies, then you will probably enjoy this. Going into the theater with no expectations was the best thing I did because I couldn't get disappointed in what I saw. Please do not let any of these reviews or critics make the decision for you. Go see it and make that opinion on your own.

Overall, I think "Morbius" is a movie that has an early 2000's vibe with 2010 visuals. It hits on some parts but misses on a lot. I think the rushed story and lack of interesting characters really made me feel disconnected from the film. The CGI was good in moments but also bad in parts where I think it should've been good. I've seen worse movies and the critics were very harsh on this film. Some people will love it and some will hate it, but there will also be those who are in the middle that think it's a movie that is there and might not see it again until it hits DVD and I am in that category. "Morbius" gets a 5.5/10 from me.

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