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My Spider Sense Is Tingling.

Hi all! This is Christian from East Coast Avengers and I would like to share my praise for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, specifically for the PlayStation 5.

I would like to get it all out on the table and say that I never got a chance to play Marvel’s Spider-Man when it released in 2018. The PlayStation 5 is the first ever PlayStation console I’ve ever owned in my life. Given that the Xbox Series X was going to be the first home console that I have purchased on my own, I felt inclined to start off the newest milestone of my gaming hobby by also purchasing the PlayStation 5! Even so, my absence from the greatness of the PlayStation catalog for so long did not hinder my immense enjoyment from feeling connected to Miles Morales. As a comic book superhero and gaming fan, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a spectacle of action-adventure storytelling from a newcomer that has taken the world by storm. Shameik Moore’s performance in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was what captured my attention about the character and by the end of the film, I felt like he WAS Spider-Man. Given that I enjoyed this fantastically animated movie, I was uber excited for one of the premier games for the PS5.

Starting off, the game just looks amazing. It really shows off the power of the next gen upgrade you get from the new console. The lighting of the major scenes and the details in the faces of the models makes the player feel like they’re watching a live action movie. The redesign of Miles from his debut in the PS4 counterpart is surely welcomed; however I’m not sold on Peter’s redesign. This is not a big issue if you don’t like the new, younger looking Peter given that he appears seldom in the game. Either way, the game gives a number of characters to shine like Ganky (Miles’ best friend), Rio Morales (Miles’ mother), Aaron Davis (Miles’ Uncle), and Phin Mason (Miles’ childhood friend) to name a few. The Tinkerer was a compelling enough villain to drive the narrative forward; however there is a villain that I won’t reveal due to spoilers, but they are too generic for my liking. The Tinkerer gives some uniqueness to the story as Miles deals with the outer conflict of ensuring the safety of the city and its populace but also the inner conflict of how far he will go in his superhero career for those that he deeply cares about.

Fighting bad guys never felt so smooth. The combat system is very easy to grasp but offers a variety of options to express when taking down the hoodlums of Harlem. The finishers are flashy and bombastic enough to build your combo meter again and again and again until you’ve seen every animation there is in the game. Once the combat system is mastered, it feels like the most satisfying fight scene ever because the player made that happen. The player just did THAT. There are different kinds of foot soldiers to adapt to that keep the combat engaging and challenging. One of the most exciting abilities in Miles’ arsenal that not even Peter has access to is his Venom powers. This includes attacks like Venom Punch, Venom Blast, and others you discover throughout the game. Pair that up with Miles’ Invisibility and you have one of the coolest superheroes you’ve ever seen.

This game resonated with me so much and it was such a fun game to platinum. The only major criticism I can give is that it is too short and I wanted a bit more content. Hoping for more DLC but for now, a solid and well deserved 8/10.

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