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Sidekick For Hire #1

Before we get into this review I'd like to thank the writer of "Sidekick For Hire", Kristian Herrera for allowing me to review his book! Art work is done by Rick Alves, colorist is Veronica Saraceno, letterer is Toben Racicot and logo design is by Winston Grambo. The title alone made me really interested and I am very thankful that Kristian has allowed me to review his work! Let's review!

To kick off this review we need to get an understanding of what is about to go down. Talking with Kristian about his book he told me that it's "A Sidekick that gets hired by millionaire vigilantes, but sucks at the job and gets the heroes hurt, or worse, killed." I was immediately hooked after reading that quote! We get to meet our main character Leo aka Kid Alpha who is a sidekick but not just any sidekick, no he gets paid by these superheroes to tag along and help fight crime and end other villainous deeds. Leo is your average kid who is in school and has a seemingly good relationship with his parents. He goes to parties, lives with a roommate and oh yeah, fights crime with heroes as a job, who wouldn't want that! In issue #1, Leo is on a mission with Captain Ultra to find and apprehend these criminals who robbed a bank and are on the run. The two take care of all the goons in the warehouse, at least they thought they did, and Captain Ultra asks Leo to investigate the scene. Leo, being a kid, turns his attention to his phone instead of the mission and the goon that they didn't take down kills Captain Ultra! I was reading this book and when this scene happened, my jaw dropped to the floor! I was NOT expecting that at all! But honestly, that is what makes this book so good because something like that could happen at any moment! Leo is tying to do his best but it seems like he always messes things up and things turn south real quick for him. We learn that Leo has been "sidekicking" for about a year now and he's already lost a few heroes, which his best friend Jamie keeps reminding him of. I honestly love how this issue is so easy to read with the artwork, the lettering and the colors all just blend together to make a great first issue. Without spoiling the rest of the book, we find out something crazy that happened with Leo and it really gets me excited for issue #2! I don't have any major issues with the issue at all, but I think at times there was a lot going on at once and I found myself rereading a page or two to fully understand what was going on. To be honest, I really am thankful that I got to read this issue because it's really good and you should read it as well!

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue. I think Kristian and his crew did a great job with this issue and I am certain that the rest of the issues will be great! "Sidekick For Hire #1" gets a 4.5/5!

*I was able to read issue 1-3 from Kristian and the other issues will be posted later on!

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