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Sidekick For Hire #2

Back with another review of Kristian Herrera's "Sidekick For Hire" run with issue #2! In this issue we have a few changes to the crew who worked on it but we still have Rick Alves as the artist, Toben Racicot is the letterer, Winston Gambo did the logo design but new to the team is Jimmy Greenhalgh who is the colorist! After issue #1, I was so excited to hop into the story and see what Leo does next! Let's Review!

I've got to give a huge round of applause to Kristian and his crew for this issue because it is incredible! I had a lot of fun with this one and it definitely did not disappoint! We continue with Leo trying to get another sidekick gig and finally he lands one! Leo is told to meet this new hero at a secret location and there is where we meet Nightwolf! I've got to say that Nightwolf is hands down my favorite character in this issue. From being so mysterious to being a beast when he's face to face with danger is incredible! He gives off Batman type vibes which is probably why I enjoy him so much! I don't want to spoil anything because I truly believe that you should read these issues for yourself, but I did feel like Leo's luck was pretty good in this issue! I mean, anything is better than what happened in the last issue, R.I.P. Captain Ultra, but this issue actually surprised me because I was just waiting for Leo to mess up or say something to blow his cover but nope! I mean, if you read the issue you know the ending leaves off with a huge cliffhanger and once I read the "To Be Continued" I just shook my head and smiled because it was a great end! I was a little afraid that the colors in this issue would be totally different from the last one with the change from Veronica Saraceno to Jimmy Greenhalgh, but I couldn't tell much of a difference which was good! This issue was great at expanding the story and introducing new characters, but I wish we could've gotten a little more action. Don't get me wrong, the action we got was great, but after issue #1, I was hoping for more! It's not a huge knock on the issue, just my thought!

Overall, this is a great issue with the introduction of new characters and furthering the story for us readers! I hope nothing bad happens to Nightwolf because he's my favorite now! "Sidekick For Hire #2" gets a 5/5!

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