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Sidekick For Hire #3

Kristian Herrera and his crew from issue #2 are back with "Sidekick For Hire #3"! If you haven't read issues #1 and #2, my reviews of those are on the home page and you should totally check those out because these books are great! Issue #3 is the final book that Kristian has sent me only because issue #4 is being inked right now! Again, huge thank you to Mr. Herrera for sending me these issues to read and review but without further ado, let's review!

So...this issue is wild! Leo is finally at a happy place in life and right when you think things are looking up for him, he messes up. I knew after reading what the story was about that Leo's luck would take a turn at some point but not at the highest of high for him! We finally get to meet the main villain of the story, Dr. Sasha Eleccion, or at least that's who I think is the main villain. Upon meeting her for the first time I had no idea what her real plans were but now I can see why she hates superheroes and why she is so angry all the time. Like my other reviews, I wont spoil anything, but Dr. Eleccion definitely makes you say "don't judge a book by its cover" and not in a good way! I want to mention something about Leo that I find fascinating and that is even though he is a sidekick for these heroes, he really is a regular college student who is trying to balance two different lives all at once and I really feel for him. Now, do I understand where he's coming from and know his struggles? No, because I don't live a secret crime fighting superhero life but I've been in his shoes with trying to balance regular work and college all at once. Enough of the emotional talk, there is good news about this issue and that's that Nighwolf is back! I can't get enough of this hero and I was happy that he hasn't died yet...key word is yet. I will say that I think this issue brings out the more emotional part of me and sometimes that's needed and I think it was a perfect fit for where Leo is at in our story! The only problem I have with this issue, and it's not even a huge problem, is that I wanted to see more action with Nightwolf and Leo as a duo. They seem to have decent amount of chemistry but if you've read this issue, you know what happens at the end....

Overall, I have really been enjoying myself with these issues. All three have really been great reads and I cannot wait for issue #4 to be released and hopefully I can read and review it early! "Sidekick For Hire #3" gets a 4.5/5!

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