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Stealth Hammer #2

After a few months of waiting, I finally was able to read "Stealth Hammer #2" written by Ryan Drost and I am so excited to be able to review this second issue with you all! If you remember back in October of 2021, Jami Drost reached out to me and asked if I would review "Stealth Hammer #1" and of course I said yes! Just recently I saw a message come through from the same Jami Drost asking about "Stealth Hammer #2" and I already knew I would be reading and reviewing it! I would like to give a huge shoutout to the Drost family for allowing me to read and review these issues! The first issue was a 4.5/5 so let's see how the second issue is!

This story is titled "The Mountain Is Calling, and I Must Go" and off the bat I love that title because I feel that it has so many mysterious meanings to it or maybe I am just thinking too hard, but regardless I love the title! I found during my reading that there were three main themes to this story and those are family, legacy and love. I talked about how connected I felt after the first issue and that is still the same in this one. I have always been a person who values family a ton and seeing Jami learn more and more about her family and what they have been through really touched me and made me smile. I also really enjoyed the legacy of Jami's family and how her dad did the classic "I wanted to wait till you were ready" troupe which I'm a sucker for. I can tell that something crazy is going to happen with Jami and Ari on their journey and I hope we find out more about what her family legacy is really about! Lastly is the theme of love. You can really feel that father/daughter and boyfriend/girlfriend in this story and I believe that helps in the long run. I also feel that the relationship of Kyle and Jami's father will be key for many reasons moving forward! Obviously I have yet to read the next issues but seeing how much Jami cares for her dad and boyfriend makes me think that the love she has will windup being an important factor!

I didn't have many issues with this issue to be honest! I feel like everything was paced really well and each story plot had time to sit with me, the reader. I think this issue gave me the twists and turns that I wanted with the bad guys and the one shapeshifter, which looked really cool! If I were to change anything within the story, I honestly wouldn't change much. I really enjoyed reading issue #2!

Overall I am feeling very honored and blessed to be sent the second issue of "Stealth Hammer" and I hope that the Drost family sends me the third issue for me to read and review because this story is getting good! "Stealth Hammer #2" gets a 5/5 from me!

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