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Superman and Lois Season 1 Review

"Superman & Lois", The human side of the man of steel Review

Let me start by saying wow this series was amazing from start to finish, Tyler Hoechlin has owned this role of this version of Superman. Magnificent performance from him and the entire cast so let's review!

Well, last time we saw Superman and Lois they were helping out during the crisis on infinite earths. After that they went off to start a family, Fast forward to the present they had two boys, one we are familiar with Jonathan Kent and his twin brother Jordan. Of course Jonathan is the popular twin, captain of the football team, dating the popular girl in school well maybe not the most popular girl but she's up there. And then you have Jordan the loner twin, who kept to himself... was a little weird and was living in his brother's shadow. And you have Superman trying to juggle being a father and the Man of Steel helping out the D.O.D that is run by Lois' dad, Sam Lane. Along with being married to his famous wife Lois, (played by Elizabeth Tulloch ) who in my opinion is the best Lois we ever had.

So the story starts off in Metropolis, but Clark receives a call from his mom (Martha! "how do you know that name, what did you say?"-BvS) about something that is happening in Smallville. So long story short, his mom died and this draws him back to good 'ol small town USA, Smallville. Where he decides the best thing for his family is to move them out of the big city and back to Smallville.

Of Course the boys do not like this idea ...but they gotta start over, especially Jonathan . But Smallville is not the same as it was... A lot of people are struggling. Enter a business tycoon called Morgan Edge, played by Adam Ryner. With the help of Lana Lang's husband to win over this small town. He appears to be this town's savior by offering to turn the town around in a good way... or so they think. Long story short, he's there to get access to the Smallville mines because there's a rare form of kryptonite that he's trying to get his hands on. Come to find out later he's not human, he's Superman's brother from Krypton and unlike Kal-El who was sent here to become Earth's protector. He's here to take over earth and turn it into the new Krypton! And uses this different form of Kryptonite to turn regular people to Kryptonians, to create his own private army to take over earth using this weapon called The Eradicator.

But, another story is happening in another world. Unlike the heroin we have in Superman, the other world Superman is evil. The Injustice version of himself conquers that world, he kills that version of Lois on national tv. But there's a smart soldier by the name Lex, (who was Lois' husband) traveled to this timeline to stop Superman from doing to this world what that version of Superman did to his world. So long story short, this Lex turns out to be John Henry Irons aka Steel.

His son, Jordan inherited Superman's power... not Jonathan as of yet.

So that causes a little friction because now Jordan becomes the star football player. So Superman has to juggle this threat, as well as a son with powers that he has to train how to use and adjust to them. It's a lot on Clark's plate! But Lois is doing her part too, she's not a background character at all, she's one of the most important characters on the show!

So long story short, Clark and John join forces and become friends after being enemies for most of the season to take down the real threat, Edge! Who I say acted like Zod, they defeated him and saved Smallville and the whole world from being taken over by Edge and his evil Krytonian army.

This season was PHENOMENAL!! From great acting to the CGI, the fights, flying scenes etc, they definitely invested major money into this show... BRAVO CW! And in the cliffhanger of this season someone crashes on the Kent's farm in a spaceship... it's Jeremy's daughter, who was thought to be dead... she looks at Lois and says "mom"! Which is ironic because before the twins were born Clark and Lois lost a baby daughter! Can't wait for the next season! This show is a must watch. I know I spoiled it, but still go check it out! I give this series 10/10, if you love Superman this is the show for you!

"Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way!" - Notorious B.I.G

Andre Grant

*Huge shoutout to our man Dre for this fantastic review and for taking the time to review Superman and Lois for ECA! Follow Dre on twitter at @Dredriven83 for breakdowns on shows every Monday!

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