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The Batman Review

Spoiler Free Review

In what has been deemed one of the most highly anticipated films in 2022, "The Batman" has finally arrived! I was very fortunate enough to have seen the film a few days (March 1st) before its actual release date (March 4th) and I am here to give you my thoughts on the film! Let's review!

Before we jump into the film, here is the cast and their respective characters in the film:

  • Matt Reeves- Director

  • Robert Pattinson- Bruce Wayne/Batman

  • Zoe Kravitz- Selina Kyle/Catwoman

  • Jeffery Wright- James Gordon

  • Collin Farrell- Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin

  • Paul Dano- The Riddler

  • John Turturro- Carmine Falcone

  • Andy Serkis- Alfred

Before I give my thoughts, I must admit that I am not the biggest Batman person. I am a fan but my knowledge of the character and his lore is smaller than most, but that didn't stop me from getting hyped for this movie! Let me start off with the experience before the show. So we get to the IMAX theater and get our tickets, normal stuff, until the attendant handed us a special cover of a Batman comic which was awesome and really different from any other movie. The theater was packed with fans in seats chatting about their predictions and thoughts and then out of nowhere, the screen lights up with nothing but "The Batman" stuff. I'm talking trivia, images, special interactive QR codes and a special timer in the corner that shows when the movie was beginning. The timer ends and everything gets dark and it's time to watch the film!

This is where I will talk about my thoughts on everything in the film. I really enjoyed it and had a blast going. The movie is definitely a three hour long film and it feels that way at times. The issue with any movie that has a run time of that is that it has dull moments and moments where it drags a bit, but even though this movie did have those moments it was made up by action sequences and riddles. I also felt like there were times where the film was pushing hard at one thing and then just left it alone for awhile but wrapped it up eventually. Some of the positives I had were the cinematography, chemistry, storytelling and the action! Let's start with the cinematography because this film was shot and filmed in ways that eft me speechless. I have a few scenes that I absolutely loved that blew me away! Something else that blew me away was the chemistry that each character had and they acted their asses off! The storytelling was unique and a style that we hadn't seen yet in a Batman film and I loved that. We finally see the detective side of him and it was great. Finally, the action of the movie. It's not a lot but when you see it, you get hyped and excited! I know I was! But like I said, the moments like that are what make this movie thrive and come to life. If there were no action, no car chases, no motorcycle chases then it would be very bland.

Overall, I know I will see his movie again but I'm not sure when. This movie is great but with the style it has, a re-watch is not an immediate one. However, after seeing it one time and really diving into the story and the character, "The Batman" gets a 9/10 from me!

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