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The Worst Boss Ever. A Renfield Review!


Have you ever had a boss that you thought was the absolute worst? After watching "Renfield" you might reconsider your answer. Dracula is back on the big screen and he has some issues to fix with his servant. Let's review.

The Cast:

  • Nicholas Hoult as Renfield

  • Nicolas Cage as Dracula

  • Awkwafina as Rebecca

  • Ben Schwartz as Tedward Lobo

  • Shohreh Aghdashloo as Bellafrancesca Lobo

When I saw the trailers for this movie, it honestly did not make my "must watch" list. I only went and saw it because of Cage and that should make sense to most people.

To my surprise, I actually loved the movie and had a blast with it! I do have some thoughts and opinions so let's talk about them by starting with the cons and ending with the pros.

I Need More.

One issue I had with the film was that I needed more from different scenes, characters and Nicolas Cage.

I think the direction they were going was good, but when it came to characters like Rebecca, Tedward or Bellafrancesca, I would've liked to see more history on them. If you would've given a short and quick 5 minuet backstory of where they came from then that would have helped a lot in my opinion.

The scenes in this movie had moments where I wish they lasted longer and some where they should've wrapped quicker. The film tried to grab the audience with long emotional moments but all we wanted to see was the action, which at times was very quick.

Look, Cage has been one of my favorite actors and my first introduction to him was in "Con Air" and I've been hooked ever since! Cage as Dracula is a match made in heaven, but I do wish we saw more of him in this movie. His character was perfect!

Now that we've heard my cons, let's take a look at the pros.

The Casting.

I was pleasantly surprised by how great Awkwafina was in this movie. She has grown on me as an actress and her role as Rebecca was funny and emotional at times!

Hoult and Schwartz blew me away with their characters! I was not expecting Schwartz to be a villain of sorts in this movie and did not have Hoult on my bingo card as someone who made me laugh and cheer for!

The Action and Gore.

When you go watch the trailers for "Renfield" you would think this movie was a comedy with Dracula in it. That is somewhat true.

The action in this film was awesome and I was sitting up in my seat watching it go down and enjoying it all! From Rebecca and Renfield fighting off cops to Dracula killing a room full of people, it all was awesome!

I was very surprised by how much gore there was in this film. The bloodshed was all over and in some scenes my jaw dropped by the just how much blood they showed! As surprised as I was, I enjoyed it because it was what I wanted the movie to be!

Overall, "Renfield" was a fun, intense and action-packed movie with a great cast. Even with some issues, I still think the movie is a must watch!

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