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To Infinity and Beyond! ‘Lightyear’ Review (Spoiler-Free)

When I heard the announcement from Disney last year that they would be making a Buzz Lightyear movie, I was immediately excited and ready! Fast forward to June 17 and we have our very own ‘Lightyear‘! To start things off, let’s look at the cast that gave their talents and voices to make this movie!

Angus MacLane- Director

Chris Evans- Buzz Lightyear Uzo Aduba- Alisha Hawthorne Keke Palmer- Izzy Hawthorne Peter Sohn- SOX Taika Waititi- Mo Morrison Dale Soules- Darby Steel James Brolin- Zurg

This list of very talented actors did a great job and even though some people wanted Tim Allen, the original voice of Buzz in Toy Story, I really feel like Evans did a wonderful job! Also, if I were being honest, Evans is the actual voice while Allen was the toy version because we all know that those voices are never the same in real life!

Before I give my thoughts on the movie, I would like to be very clear that these are just MY opinions and thoughts, and you should go see the movie and then let me know what you think!

When I write reviews for movies, I always start with the negatives and then end with the positives and honestly, I only have two negatives for the film, so let’s start there!

For me personally, I thought the story was a bit predictable and even though I enjoyed where the story went, I could see it happening a few scenes ahead. One reason I am not too upset about the predictability of the movie is because it’s a children’s movie and it was made to be fun and silly.

My last small compliant was that the pacing was quick and when I mean quick, I mean there were scenes that went by in a blink of an eye and should’ve been longer and then some that took way too long that could’ve been much shorter.

Moments like that throw me off personally and even though it didn’t happen that much, it was enough to make me lean over to my wife and ask, “What did he say or what just happened?” But like I said before, this is a children’s movie so I’m not that mad!

Now on to the good stuff!

The nostalgic feelings I got from seeing this movie were awesome and really brought me back to my childhood with some of the references, call backs and quotes.

I loved Toy Story growing up and seeing Buzz back on screen just made me smile! I also think that for an animated movie, I was really into the action and suspenseful moments! The humor was great and honestly, I think that was partially because of Waititi’s masterful acting.

I do believe one character will steal the show and that will be SOX — because he is funny, intelligent, and well … a cat. This movie was very emotional in certain parts, and I can see where someone might tear up! Finally, the overall message was a good one and it made the movie just that much better to me.

I’ve said it a few times in this article and even though it is a children’s movie, it made this adult smile from ear to ear afterwards! Oh, there are also three end credit scenes, but the last one was the best one!

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, and I was very pleased with my experience. I think for someone who grew up watching and loving Toy Story, this was a nostalgic ride and a movie that will move you to tears.

Overall, the movie was fantastic and I really think everyone should go see it with their families or loved ones! Lightyear gets an 8/10 from me!

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