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What If..Kilmonger Rescued Tony Stark?

Spoiler Free Review.

Finally we get to see something with Killmonger again in the MCU! I'm a huge Black Panther fan so this episode was something that I was very excited for! It's crazy that we're six episodes into this show and it's been all positives so far! Let's review!

After the craziness of the past few episodes, this one was very dialed down and more grounded. I was very scared that once we saw the opening scene that we would be seeing something that was similar to episode one and even though that episode was good, we've definitely seen better. I was pleasantly surprised at how this episode played out because if you've seen Black Panther then you know the path that Killmonger takes to attempt to be king, but we see a different path in this episode and honestly this one seemed like the better one! Without spoiling anything, I will this episode was enjoyable but not the best we've seen. I'd probably slot this around the same as episode 3. I think we also get a better background story on Killmonger than we got in Black Panther and that's a good thing. Killmonger has always been a villain that I wish would return so seeing him and hearing Michael B. Jordan voice him was fantastic. Oh, I also noticed that The Watcher has gone from transparent at the beginning to full on visible as the series continues and I really hope that we see some kind of action from him soon!

Overall I enjoyed this episode simply because the story was great and the path, one could argue, is better than the original. We're getting closer and closer to the end of this season and so far it's been nothing but great! "What If..Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark" gets a 7.5/10!

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