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What If..the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?

Spoiler Free Review.

After that fantastic episode last week, Marvel Studios drops another great one! This season opened up with an ok episode but really picked up from there with these last two episodes because they felt like a What If comic book is all about. One decision or event can cause a ripple effect in the universe and I love it! Episode 3 is titles "What If the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes" and it truly delivers. Let's review!

We go back to a more grounded episode with just a small hint of space and what not. This episode was very grounded and it felt good and better than the first episode which was also grounded. A few things that were different about this episode was that the change came or event that changed the universe happened off screen and we only get a mention of it and boy did this small difference change so much! I also think one of my favorite parts was the return of Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson, he is a Marvel treasure and I miss him being in the MCU...BRING HIM BACK! Anyways, another thing that is different is how dark it is! I was very surprised with the events that played out during this episode and was constantly saying "What in the..." out loud in my living room. This might have been one of the more darker projects that Marvel has produced in a while and I loved it! Oh and I also was very surprised that we were left in such suspense all the way up until the ending and what a reveal it was! One thing that I would change about this episode would be that in a thirty minuet episode, there shouldn't be two stories going on at once. Now, the second story makes total sense as to why its happening but still. Make the episodes long or not include the second storyline. Either way, I get it and I hope that story continues because oh boy, it could have some HUGE ramifications!

Overall, I really really enjoyed this suspenseful, dark, drama-filled episode. It made constantly stay alert and trying to figure out what was happening. I do thing a constant complaint of mine that I will have about this series will be the length and I cant change that. This episode and episode 2 are neck in neck as my favorites, I'm talking 1a and 1b. "What If..the World Lost Its Earths Mightiest Heroes" gets a 9/10, same as episode two!

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