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What If..Thor Were an Only Child?

Spoiler Free Review

With seven episodes down, we are oh so close to the finale of Marvel Studios latest project known as "What If..?" Episode seven was one that I was looking forward to but wasn't ready for what I watched! Titled "What If..Thor Were an Only Child?", this episode brought back some memories for me...let me explain.

Many of you reading this have either been through college, going through college right now or about to head to college and if you were to ask me how the social life of college is, well I'd point you in the direction of this episode. When I heard about this Party Thor character we would be seeing in What If, I had no idea what to think because honestly what does that even mean! Well, without spoiling the episode for you, the name means exactly what you think and Thor is a party animal! There are so many cameos in this episode that I probably would miss one if I typed them out, but this is what makes this episode fun. Is this the best one? No. Is this the most fun one? Absolutely!(IMO) Like I mentioned earlier this episode brought back so many memories from when I went to parties in college and everything that came with that. The episode didn't leave me on the edge of my seat, but it did leave me with a smile on my face and then the ending happened and I went from smiling to picking my jaw up off the floor! It's wild and could be a potential final episode hint!

Overall, I had a lot of fun watching this episode and just smiling through it all! Like I said, it's not the best but it does have the most fun because I mean it's Party Thor! "What If.. Thor Were an Only Child?" gets a 7/10!

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