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What If..Ultron Won?

Spoiler Free Review

When I do these reviews, I always try to look at the product or episode in a whole and well Marvel really gave us a gem on Wednesday September 29th! With the season finale being so close (October 6th) I was not expecting what I watched! Episode 8 of the animated show "What If..?" is titled "What If..Ultron Won?" Let's review!

Yeah, so this episode is fantastic! I can go on and on about the normal things that make this a fantastic show or how each episode is a different and wild ride but this episode is just overall amazing. Now let me be clear that this is my own personal opinion and I am a person that respects others opinions. One thing that stands out to me is how terrifying it would've been to see Ultron actually achieve his vision (see what I did there). This episode makes it clear that the finale will be a HUGE event and could even bleed into the MCU at some point, but next week will be great and I can't wait. The episode also has some comic ties into so keep your eyes open and see if you can sot them! I will say the only thing that I would've changed is that it kind of dilutes some of the movies we've seen and some of the characters, but we're in different realities so that could be an out. One last thing that I will say is that the last few episodes have really made the finale feel like something that you can't miss and I can tell you right now that I will not be missing it!

Overall, this episode is my favorite and I will be watching this again! The episode was a wild ride and makes me so excited for the season finale! "What If.. Ultron Won" gets a 9/10!

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